Snaps & Snails Teaser Bundle
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Snaps & Snails Teaser Bundle
Snaps & Snails Teaser Bundle

In our Snaps & Snails Teaser Bundle you will be able to sample some of our most popular products. This bundle is subject to change due to popularity of certain brands and products, as well as available stock. Expect savings of $5-$10 when purchasing this package compared to buying items separately.

Currently in Snaps & Snails Teaser:
1 Yo-Yoo One Size Pocket Diaper
1 Tetro Fitted Diapers
1 Yo-Yoo Wet Bag
1 Day Pack Yo-Yoo Bamboo Wipes (5)

Plus your choice of:
1 Tetro Wool Diaper Cover
1 Yo-Yoo Diaper Cover (not wool)

Color options are:
Snaps & Snails (Boy Colors)
Sugar & Spice (Girl Colors)
Everything Nice (Unisex Colors)

Choose a Cover:

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