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  Yo-Yoo Diaper Cover Plum

                   Fashion Fuchsia                                      Sky Blue                                         Plum

     Yo-Yoo Diaper Cover Sunset OrangeYo-Yoo Diaper Cover Green Apple

                        Sunset Orange                                Green Apple                            Fire Engine Red

Yo-Yoo Diaper Covers are the perfect mate to any fitted or prefold diapers. They are waterproof and are made of soft, breathable TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane).

What makes them unique is the trim around the edges. This trim acts as an elastic, in place of where an actual elastic should be, the trim is very stretchy. This makes it so that there are no marks being left on your babies little thighs and waist, unlike other covers with thick elastics. It also adds a cute, stylish touch to the covers.
These are a one-size cover, with hook and loop (like velcro) waist closure and snaps to adjust the rise. There are four rise settings, allowing these covers to fit the largest or tiniest babies.
They also feature a double leg-gusset, to keep those messes inside and not on clothes. And last but not least they also have laundry tabs on the inside of the cover, in which you fold the outer tabs onto in the wash so they don't stick to themselves and other diapers.



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