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Yo-Yoo Pocket Diapers

"First of all the colors are amazing. I received a Fire Engine Red and a Sunset Orange. Beautiful. The bamboo tan color on the inside complemented the diaper so well. They LOOK expensive. The one thing I loved the most was the ample opportunity for sizing is impressive. I tested these diapers on my daughter who is 6 months (17lbs and 27in) as well as my son who is 27 months (34lbs and 36in)..." (Read More)
- Donna, Sydney, Nova Scotia

"Upon opening the packages, I thought they felt really thin. I wondered how well it would hold up for our 7.5 month old super soaker. I tried one on him out of the package (what can I say, I'm impatient!) and I immediately liked the fit. He has chunky thighs and an average waist. This often leads to poor fit in many diapers we have tried. After throwing them in to be prepped, I expected them to fluff and bulk up slightly. However, they did not. Again, I wondered how they would hold up to my super soaker..." (Read More)
- Tammy, Lethbridge, Alberta

"I am new to cloth diapering and have tried several different brands of one-size pocket diapers. The YoYoo diapers are one of my favorites for several reasons..." (Read More) - Misty, New Milford, Pensylvania

"I purchased 2 of these diapers and they arrived promptly. The colors are very bright and vivid, the bamboo was very soft. So far soo good. They were easy enough to prep – wash and then rinse several times.I had never used bamboo diapers and I am happy to report they performed as well as my BumGenius and FuzziBunz diapers..." (Read More)
- Trisha, Alabama, USA

"To start the customer service was EXCELLENT, i was able to recieve a copious amount of help with getting a good and proper fit. When I emailed, i recieved an email back within 12 hours each time, I was very very impressed with this. Always were the responses helpful and friendly..." (Read More)
- Melissa, Castlegar, British Columbia

Tetro Fitted Diapers

"I really really love this fitted diaper! It took 4-5 washes before it was really absorbent (which is to be expected) but after those prep washes it is VERY absorbent! My 6 month old 16 lb daughter is a very heavy wetter and when I put this fitted on her with a thin hemp doubler and a pair of wool longies she will go 11-12 hours at night without any wetness leaking through! And the fit is fantastic! My daughter has chubby thighs but a small waist and this fits perfect every time! I will definitely be getting more!"
- Sara, Bourbonnais, IL

"Amazing fit! I love the way these fit and was very pleasantly surprised at how much I liked the tie up front. I get a perfect fit every time. My son is 5 1/2 months/ 19.5lbs and we've not had a leak"...    (Read More)
- Karoline, Camas, WA

"I love these diapers, they are the softest best looking diapers we have tried. When they first arrived I was a bit afraid to prep them because I thought there was no way they would stay as soft once I washed them, but they have only gotten softer with every wash. I also love the trim fit..." (Read More)
- Marta, South Dakota, USA

"There are so many unique features on this versatile diaper that you won't find anywhere else.  This is a diaper that is going to easily fit your baby from birth through potty training, never being between sizes.  You can use with a cover as a regular diaper, without a cover for Potty Training or Elimination Communication, or add a doubler/stay dry insert with a waterproof cover or wool for a night-time solution.  The Tetro Fitted Diaper is really a steal of a deal!  I have had a lot of fun using this diaper, and I don't know if it is the ties on this diaper, or just that she likes the feel of it, but when I let my daughter pick which diaper goes on her bottom, she always grabs at the Tetro! :)  This is a great diaper to round out your stash, and one that I am very happy to have added to mine!"...(Read More)
- Chantelle, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

"Very absorbent and VERY cute! We used it without a cover for my daughters newborn photos and they turned out great! We use them with the tetro wool cover for overnight and though it is very bulky on my newborn, we haven`t had any leaks! Tying it up can sometimes be a little difficult with a squirmy baby but overall, we love them!"...(Read More)
- Dayna, Alberta, Canada

Tetro Wool Covers

"Love love love this cover! We use it for overnight with either the tetro fitteds or tetro prefolds and though it is very bulky on our newborn, we have never had a leak! It is very easy to adjust and will definitely fit her until she is out of diapers! Definitely recomend buying this!"...(Read More)
- Dayna, Alberta, Canada

Tetro Prefolds

"VERY absorbent! I have tried at least 5 different brands of prefold diapers and these are by far the most absorbent. They were a lot of work to prep but they just keep getting softer and better. They are a bit harder to get stains out of than my other prefolds but that could be because they are so absorbent. A good sunning always takes care of it though! Would definitely buy again"...(Read More)
- Dayna, Alberta, Canada

Felizzy Premium Ring Sling Carrier

"Love this sling! It is lightweight so perfect for any weather (you have to bundle up baby in the winter, but still cool enough to wear in the summer). It is padded so I was able to wear it comfortably for well over 2 hours with my newborn. It seems supportive enough for use with a toddler (but my baby is only a month old so I can't say i've tried it out!) I adore the colors and I would absolutely recommend buying this sling."...(Read More)
- Dayna, Alberta, Canada

Felizzy Huancaino Pouch Carrier

"This pocket is very comfortable used as a hip and front carry sling. There was absolutely no pressure or “rug burn” on my shoulder and all 3 babies were very comfy inside. You can buy cheaper slings, but this one is totally gorgeous. I used this with three different sizes of children. My 3.5 yr old is 28lbs. My 10 mo old is 21lbs. A child w special needs I watch is 6mos and 14lbs. It was excellent for all three. A nice feature IMO is that for cross country travel this was used as both a carrier and a blanket/nursing cover so I didnt have to pack both!!"...(Read More)
-Amy, USA

The fit was very comfortable once we found a few positions we liked. Due to the design, my daughter did not overheat because she was not wrapped in a ton of fabric. Because of the wool content, it will be very nice in the fall and winter, as well.
I have seen other pouches made of quilter’s cotton that were priced similarly, and not nearly so beautiful. I love the traditional styling of the fabric; it is very unique. I like having a good woven outer on it, too – it is very supportive and feels secure.`...(Read More)
-Katie, USA

Felizzy Mei Tai Carrier

"I am very happy with my Felizzy Mei Tei Baby Carrier!  I love the fact that it folds up so small, and lives in my car or diaper bag without taking up a bunch of space.  I love that it is a Fair Trade product and that it is Handmade!  You can see the beautiful workmanship on this carrier, and can tell it was made with pride.  I think it is great that all the money from these carriers goes back to the communities in Peru where they were made, and most of all I LOVE the colour!!  My daughter loves being in this carrier and I feel good about recommending this product to anyone looking for a Mei Tei Baby Carrier"...(Read More)
- Chantelle, Saskatchewan, Canada

"This carrier is a life saver! I have used it for a couple weeks, now (upgraded from sleepy wrap) and could not imagine life without it. It is basically the only way that I can cook or go grocery shopping with my now 8 months old son. I actually use it primarily on the hip instead of front or back because my LO loves to watch me do chores. It is very easy to put on and fits all the different sizes in my family (husband/daughters)."...(Read More)
-Esther, Kentucky, USA

"The service from Snaps and Snails was great. I received my package in the mail just a couple days after learning that I had been picked to be a tester.The fabric on the back pannel is beautiful really quite stunning in fact and the fabric on the ties and reversible side is quite soft. It is well made with solid sewing construction and reinforcements. It is compact and would be easily stuffed in a diaper bag for travel"...(Read More)
-Abigail, Cape Breton, Canada

"I did find it to be quite breathable, I thought it would be thick and hot because of the wool panel but I wore my son for 2.5 hours in 80 degree weather just fine! It is amazing and super soft, it felt no worse than caring a backpack! My husband and I both tried it out, it fits perfect on both of us and my son seems comfortable as well"...(Read More)
-Jennifer, California, USA

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